Abstract Mount Fuji Landscape

Acrylic, Step-by-Step
Abstract Mount Fui landscape

Mount Fuji painting using acrylic and pen

My partner and I love Japan. We went for the first time last March and it was the best trip I’ve ever been on. So much so that we’re planning on going back for our honeymoon. We’ve got a bit of a Japan-inspired interior design theme in our flat (wallpaper, a screen) and it’s something that we both truly love.

Inktober 2017 – Day 3: Poison


Sorry this one is late, I got in late from work. I would have liked to have spent longer on it but didn’t want to dedicate longer than my train ride home to finish it.

I interpreted “poison” quite loosely. I want to do a nature themed Inktober, so I thought about poison in terms of pollution. It’s a little on the nose to do a picture of the sea, but you don’t have lots of time for conceptual analysis during a daily drawing challenge! 

I wish I hadn’t added the darker purple, but I’m glad I used more fine line work and none of the darkest purple. I’m glad I decided to limit the colour pallete and materials, it makes it much easier to complete something each day (well, so far).

P.S: sorry for the bad lighting, it’s dark here so natural lighting wasn’t an option.

Birthday Watercolours

Painting, watercolour

The birthday of my colleagues fall only 3 days apart, so to celebrate both of their birthdays I painted these for them:

Both are specific to each of the women. I know they’re twee and a bit rushed, but it’s all good practice. Doing the lettering was scary, but I’m pleased overall with how it came out.

I really wish I felt more confident with sharing art (or well, this site) with people I know. I know I’m gonna have to overcome that, but it’s so much easier to share with strangers.