Inktober 2017 – Day 3: Poison


Sorry this one is late, I got in late from work. I would have liked to have spent longer on it but didn’t want to dedicate longer than my train ride home to finish it.

I interpreted “poison” quite loosely. I want to do a nature themed Inktober, so I thought about poison in terms of pollution. It’s a little on the nose to do a picture of the sea, but you don’t have lots of time for conceptual analysis during a daily drawing challenge! 

I wish I hadn’t added the darker purple, but I’m glad I used more fine line work and none of the darkest purple. I’m glad I decided to limit the colour pallete and materials, it makes it much easier to complete something each day (well, so far).

P.S: sorry for the bad lighting, it’s dark here so natural lighting wasn’t an option.