Beachy Seaside Plant Pot

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We’re back from our summy Spanish adventures and settling back into real life. I already miss it but it’s been nice to have the sunshine in England too. Although having just written that, we are now experiencing a storm with thunder and lightning.

I caught up with the custom orders before I left, so it means that for a brief period of time I have some downtime to finish up old projects and work on new ones. This plant pot has been sitting waiting to be finished for a while now.

GCSE Throwback

Ink, Painting

My GCSE art final is hung up at my parents house here in Spain.

I’ve been talking a lot recently about finding an art style and I think, despite all the problems with it, this might be the closest I’ve got to. Given that it was over 10 years ago, is that tragic or does it consistency?

I finished all commissions before we left for primavera sound, and although I’ll be opening up commissions when I’m back, I’m also really looking forward to just playing again and trying out some different techniques without any expectation that the result is actually any good.

Newcastle Wedding Guestbook

pen, Shop, watercolour

I had the BEST time creating this bespoke wedding guestbook canvas for a lovely couple. The bride was even so kind as to let me post about it before their wedding day next month. The theme of this one was different places in Newcastle. I love when there’s a mixture of old and new architecture, some water, and some variation in the horizon, so this set of locations for me was just perfect.

I’m going to take you through the step by steps because (as I’m sure you know by now) that’s my favourite part about online artists sharing their work.

As always, we start with a sketch! I’ll always send across a quick sketch to the client before starting work on the big canvas. Before this, I had already prepped the canvas.

Next up, adding the pen. This is the bit that takes a surprisingly long time.

Then there are many, many layers of watercolour. The ground base gives is a particular watercolour effect. I don’t always use it, depends on the design (e.g. if there’s water).

Then we have the pen details and we try to ramp up the colour as much as possible.

Finally, the finished piece is packaged up and sent to its new home! This was an A2 canvas, which I think is my favourite size. A1 is nice (ours was A1) but I prefer a cramped canvas full of signatures.

I’m still taking orders for custom wedding canvases before a short break on annual leave, so if you’ve been thinking about what to do for your wedding get your order in quick!

Throwback Thursday

pen, watercolour

I sort of have 2 #throwbackthursday pieces today.

A few years back, I went to Norway and absolutely loved it. When I got home, I tried watercolours and I THINK it might have been my first attempt (second image). In 2017 I wrote “they’re so difficult! How on Earth do you not make a colourful blob?” Truer words.

Throwback Thursday

pen, watercolour