Beachy Seaside Plant Pot

Painting, Shop

We’re back from our summy Spanish adventures and settling back into real life. I already miss it but it’s been nice to have the sunshine in England too. Although having just written that, we are now experiencing a storm with thunder and lightning.

I caught up with the custom orders before I left, so it means that for a brief period of time I have some downtime to finish up old projects and work on new ones. This plant pot has been sitting waiting to be finished for a while now.

Birthday Watercolours

Painting, watercolour

The birthday of my colleagues fall only 3 days apart, so to celebrate both of their birthdays I painted these for them:

Both are specific to each of the women. I know they’re twee and a bit rushed, but it’s all good practice. Doing the lettering was scary, but I’m pleased overall with how it came out.

I really wish I felt more confident with sharing art (or well, this site) with people I know. I know I’m gonna have to overcome that, but it’s so much easier to share with strangers.