Beachy Seaside Plant Pot

Painting, Shop

We’re back from our summy Spanish adventures and settling back into real life. I already miss it but it’s been nice to have the sunshine in England too. Although having just written that, we are now experiencing a storm with thunder and lightning.

I caught up with the custom orders before I left, so it means that for a brief period of time I have some downtime to finish up old projects and work on new ones. This plant pot has been sitting waiting to be finished for a while now.

Half teal, half mustard it has a beach scene going around the body of the pot. There are a few little figures and seaside friends hanging around. My personal favourites are the curious crab and the pale lady with the giant sunhat (she speaks to me).

I’ve painted two, a medium and larger size, which will be available in Prudent Nellie in Sudbury, Suffolk. I’ve also listed them online over on my Etsy. But each one will be made to order so they’ll all look slightly different and unique!

Hope you’re all having a lovely summer so far.

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