Christmas 2020

Chatty, Step-by-Step, watercolour

That came round fast didn’t it?

I had bigger plans, as ever, to post more and complete more projects. But overall I think I’ve done well this year. I finished the Beardies in Need Christmas cards (I swear I will post about each one soon), finished some pieces in lockdown and even had a stall at a craft fair. It could be worse.

I have one more day at work and then out of office is going on. I think everyone really needs a break this year.

So, let’s ignore the Tier 4 stuff and the fact that so many of us can’t see friends and family. Instead, I’m going to think about what I can have this Christmas.

One thing is, I hope, plenty of time to just do nothing. Maybe Mario kart, maybe a board game, maybe just ditto watching the with a glass of wine and a fire.

Today after work I finished a long overdue Christmas card. It’s going to my parent’s grandparents and includes their two favourite kinds of dogs. It’s been a while since I did a good old fashioned step-by-step post.

As always, starting with the pencil drawing.
I hadn’t done any blurred backgrounds in a while (you know that Nigella Lawson effect? So it was fun to try something a bit different.
Finally I added in the white highlights and filled in the text.

If I don’t post again before, I hope that you have wonderful break. It’s been a tough year but, we’ll make it through.

Stay safe everyone.

July 2020 Projects

Chatty, Drawing, pen, watercolour

I thought, “oh I really must post before July ends” only to see a Hello August! post on my Instagram feed.

Inktober 2019 – Day 1: Ring

Chatty, inktober, pen

It’s tempting to say “I can’t believe it’s already time for Inktober again!” But honestly I can. I feel like so much has happened in my year I’m more surprised that it’s only been a year.

I have had so many things to post that I just…haven’t posted. No excuses really, just life.

I have, however, been doing a pretty good job of making time for art and making sure that it’s part of my not-quite-daily-maybe-bi-weekly life. Sometime I’ll share the projects on here, though it’s also nice knowing that the purpose of this blog was to keep me accountable and active with art, and that’s what it’s done!

Anyway, Inktober. Day one was ring so of course I had to do my engagement ring. Usually I pick two Copic markers and use only them and black pens during Inktober, and for the rest of the month I will probably stick to that (this year is pink and red). But since this was my ring, I wanted to stay similar to the actual colours, at least within what’s possible with the colours I have. Last year I did teal/green and the colours are a pretty close match. I didn’t really have a rose gold so made do. I also used a white gel pen. I was very sceptical but it was actually pretty effective.

I sketched it this morning before work and finished it this evening. It honestly felt like using a colouring book, and I had forgotten just how much fun they are.

I’m very much looking forward to Inktober this year and seeing everyone’s posts, it always feels like the beginning of autumn and winter and I’m totally here for it.

Inktober 2017

Chatty, inktober

I started this blog last year at the end of October. I haven’t posted every week, or even every month, but I consider it a success. I wanted to maintain motivation in art, to see myself improve, and to use and improve in a variety of media. I feel like I’ve definitely achieved those last three.

Between August and September I had a crazy time with work. I was promoted (yay!) and I’m definitely still finding my feet with the role. Is it just a universal truth that you overwork when you get into a new role? I want things to settle down a little now, so I’m refocusing on the things I want to achieve outside of work, which brings us nicely back to this blog. 

To celebrate the anniversary of this blog, I’m going to attempt inktober this year. The aim was to produce art regularly, so this is the perfect challenge. A couple of things to mention:

1) over the past year, I’ve really focused on improving my painting and pencil drawings because I wanted to become more confident in the basics. I’ve never really invested much time in ink, or at least not since I was about 16. I’ll be using inktober as an opportunity to improve with pen/ink.

2) I’m going to use the official prompt list for the days, but I’m going to be generous with interpretation. Mostly, I’d like to stick to a nature theme, because that’s what I love and there are so many things I can improve on within that, especially with a new medium. I’m also going to allow myself to create abstract pieces. I haven’t pursued much abstract work because, as stated above, I really wanted to work on competency of the basics, which I think is easiest to achieve through realistic studies. When I was studying art at school, abstract as my jam! So with that in mind, I’m going to be generous with how I get to a final piece. Below is the official prompt list, and here is a bit of info and background about the challenge generally.

3) I’ll try to post every day (assuming I manage a drawing every day) but I think that might be a stretch.

4) I’ve decided to restrict myself to only 3 colours, and 3 pen thicknesses. I’m using copic markers because they’re the thing everyone goes on about. Are they really lots better or is it just, branding of the art world? By limiting my options my hope is I can just get on with drawing, and have an easy way to compare the drawings at the beginning and the end of the challenge. Here are the Resources I’ll be using (snapped awkwardly on the train):

As ever, I hope by posting on here it’ll hold me accountable, and keep me inspired to continue. 

Happy autumn!