July 2020 Projects

Chatty, Drawing, pen, watercolour

I thought, “oh I really must post before July ends” only to see a Hello August! post on my Instagram feed.

A lot has happened in July. We had a family bereavement which hit everyone hard. It happened just as we were moving, so all pretty exhausting and stressful. I’m not going to write about it here, instead I’m going to focus on other things.

I’ve continued with the 12 Days of Beardies series as well as a Tokyo watercolour. I’ll give each their own post (the Tokyo watercolour will have a Step-by-Step post) but for now I thought I’d just share a few unedited photos of some pieces so far. Check back soon for the final results. I’m hoping to finish most of my ongoing projects by the end of the Summer – assuming no more major life interruptions.

Four Calling Birds
Five gold Rings
Tokyo watercolour scene

I’m also on Instagram and post on there a bit more regularly. You can follow me @artjmtinsta.

I’ll try to catch up with everyone else’s posts this week. Hope everyone is well during these strange times.

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