After Inktober I always intend to post lots and keep the momentum for posting. What usually happens is I continue to create art but nothing gets posted.

I had a lovely message from Floreva and it was the motivation I needed to update on here. So here’s what’s been going on in my world.

  • Christmas and new years were lovely, super wholesome and full of love.
  • I’ve started swing dance! It’s lots of fun and great to have something active to do outside of work.
  • Work is full-on. I’m enjoying it and learning a lot, but that also means it’s occupying a lot of my brain space.
  • I went to Bologna and ate all the pasta. It was sunny and beautiful and super relaxed.
  • I got Affinity for Christmas. It’s an alternative to Photoshop, and so far I love it.
  • I’ve started making wedding favours. We’re getting married in a town that’s famous for silk (and it’s where my parent’s live), so I’ve got a lot of cheap silk off-cuts and am hand-embroidering our initials and the date of our wedding. All the guests will have their very own silk handkerchiefs. It’s very time-consuming, but repeating the same activity is a great way to get better at a skill. Besides, the wedding isn’t until August 2021…so I’ve got time. Maybe I’ll post about it when I’ve got a few more nice examples.

I would love to hear what everyone else is up to! I’m going to go through and catch up with everyone’s posts this evening.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of my dog, Molly, before her walk at Christmas.


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