Milan Cards

Painting, pen, Step-by-Step, watercolour

Recently at work my team and I won a trip to Milan! I feel proud of our hard work and it’s nice to be recognised for it. We’re hoping to go in June so I’ll take plenty of photos. As a thank you to the team, I made some Milan-themed thank you cards. I did it after finishing this piece, so used the same materials. Watercolour and pen are also useful for making something quite quickly so it was perfect for a last minute project.

I chose two different pictures from Pinterest of Milan Cathedral. Here’s the first few layers of watercolour paint.


I didn’t want it to be too realistic with the colours, which was convenient considering the pens I have don’t really lend themselves to realism (or rather, I wouldn’t know how to use them that way).

I’ve used artistic license with the umbrellas (and general architecture) but that’s ok, it’s fun to romanticise an image and cut corners here and there.

Here’s the second card.

And both together!

If anyone else has ever been to Milan, let me know what it’s like! I plan to eat A LOT of gelato.


2 thoughts on “Milan Cards

  1. Very nice! I like your watercolour and pens paintings.
    I’ve been to Milan but only for about a day on my way to Florence. It had nice bits but I must say that it didn’t impress me that much. Florence was absolutely stunning and would be great for watercolours – I highly recommend it if you have a chance. Beautiful countryside too.


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