Inktober 2017 – Day 31: Mask

inktober, pen

Inktober is complete!

Since I’ve (loosely) completed a nature themed inktober, I thought for “mask” we’d go with a green man vibe. It’d be fun to redo this with lots of detail including flowers, moths, and feathers. Maybe I’ll paint my own seasonal green man masks one day.

I’ve really enjoyed inktober and seeing everyone’s sketches. It’s motivated me to sketch and paint and helped me see where the time in the day is available for me to create. I’m gonna really try to keep the momentum and continue to produce more and more work. 

Happy Halloween everyone!

Inktober 2017 – Day 30: Found

inktober, pen

Slightly rushed one this morning but I really wanted to get it up and posted because I’ll be home late. 

Based on real-life events of what happens when we can’t find something in our house. Always worth checking the garden to see if Molly had stolen it and put it in one of her holes. 

I can’t beleive Inktober is almost over. I haven’t found it as difficult as I thought I would, it’s definitely inspired me to paint and create more. The more inspired I feel though, the less time I want to spend on my Inktober drawings. I’ve got lots of other content to share on here though which is great! When I feel like I have something to show it definitely keeps me motivated to work more. 

Anyway, here’s some photos from the trian.

Inktober 2017 – Day 29: United

inktober, pen

I broke my nature themed Inktober today. Everything I could think of that was nature related to the prompt “united” was something I was too familiar with, and I wanted a challenge.

Last weekend (or the week before?) I got a post card book of Degas paintings, including Combing the Hair (1892). 

I loved the movement in it, and thought that trying to get the proportions right with just pen would be good practise. You can see where I’ve tried to change things with the hands, but I’m happy with how it came out.

Inktober 2017 – Day 28: Fall

inktober, pen, watercolour

For the first time in a couple of days I had a bit more time to spend on today’s sketch. “Fall” made me think of autumn, although I never use the word ‘fall’ to describe this time of year (too American). 

Last weekend I did a water colour painting of a photo I took last Autumn. I’ll do a post on it, but this is a sneak peak. 

I’m wondering about adding pen details but I’m not sure whether it’ll go. Any thoughts appreciated! Today’s sketch is a version of that painting, since I love the original photo but didn’t have it saved to my phone to use as a reference. (In the grand tradition of Julia’s Inktober sketches, today’s is being done on the train home.) I’ll show it in another post with the completed painting though.
Happy weekend everyone!

Inktober 2017 – Day 27: Climb

inktober, pen

I’m not sure posting an unfinished sketch at 01:14 counts, but I technically started this on the 27th. 

When I hear “climb” I think of especially climbable trees. It’s a shame I didn’t finidh it (maybe I’ll go back to it) but at least it’s fulfilling the aim of drawing, at least a little, every day.

Sorry for the terrible lighting. I’m currently sitting in a cab on the way back from a birthday evening out for my friend. It was a lot of fun, but goimg straight from work mwaks I’m shattered now. I had ti get ready and also sketch on the train to london which is why I didn’t have very long to spend on it.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Inktober 2017 – Day 26: Squeak

inktober, pen

I think this is the most rushed any entry has ever been. I spent maybe 5 minites, possibly more like 4. But that’s ok, a sketch is a sketch and it means I won’t have missed a day yet.

The word “squeak” makes me think of squeaky rainboots after the rain. Originally I wanted to draw some old well-loved wellies by a door, but I really struggled to find the time today.  Anyway, tomorrow is a bew day and a new prompt.

Inktober 2017 – Day 24: Blind

inktober, pen

Today’s entry is a quick sketch done on my lunch break.

This is Josh our rescuem initiallyI couldn’t think of anything form”blind”, but realised all weekend I’ve had a perfect example with an overgrown fringe.

Inktober has helped me feel more comfortable doing art in public, although I do still sometimes feel a little on show. 

I’m having a good day so far. It’s been productive and I’m finishing a little earlier than usual (and hopefully I’ll miss rush hour traffic). Fingers crossed that the second half of the day is also productive.

Inktober 2017 – Day 23: Juicy

inktober, pen

Here’s number 23. 

When I hear juicy I think of fruit, so here’s an orange segment. It’s looking a little psychedelic which is fine by me. You’d think I’d be bored of these colours by now.

I’ve been working a lot with watercolours (outside of Inktober) this month, and then going over the top with pen. I like it as a style but I definitely end up cutting corners with the watercolour, like not adding the depth or vibrancy or texture that I know I could.