IpadArtChallenge Day 26

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In 2020 I realised I am way more of a perfectionist than I thought I was. The solution to that is to churn out as many happy digital birds as possible.

Day 26: A Striking Starling.

I’m posting them over on my Instagram first (@artjmtinsta) so you can follow along there.

IpadArtChallenge Day 16

Challenges, Digital

In 2020 I realised I am way more of a perfectionist than I thought I was. The solution to that is to churn out as many happy digital birds as possible.

Day 14: A Cryptic Crow.

I’m posting them over on my Instagram first (@artjmtinsta) so you can follow along there.

Birthday Elephant

Chatty, pen, Step-by-Step, watercolour

Hello all. Today is my birthday!

I’m currently in my lovely hotel room in Prague. We’ve done so much sightseeing, gallery and museum visitibg and have eaten all the wonderful food. I’ll post a few of my favourite photos and sketches from our time here when I get home. I was hoping I’d stay in better habits with sketching every day since Inktober, but I guess when you don’t hold yourself accountable it doesn’t happen. I’ve worked on a few bigger pieces which is where this post comes in!

At the end of last month it was my friend’s birthday. She loves elephants and I wanted to make her something that seemed “her”ish (colourful, fun etc.) Below are some progress pictures of the piece.

I started with a watercolour wash after lightly penciling a design. Then I went over with some different coloured fine liners. These were Scribbles (I think?) just a cheap set from The Works but they did the job.

I’m not super happy with some of the background detail, but it was fun to try a new effect and my friend liked it, so that’s the most important thing. I was inspired by a few people’s inktober cross hatching – seeing other people’s style really does help you reflect on your own. I tried to be a bit more creative with my own style too.

Here’s the final piece. I enjoyed the coloured pen/watercolour combo. When I get more colours I’d like to do the same with copic markers too.

Thanks for sticking around even when I post less frequently. I’m looking forward to catching up on other people’s posts too.

Inktober 2017 – Day 31: Mask

inktober, pen

Inktober is complete!

Since I’ve (loosely) completed a nature themed inktober, I thought for “mask” we’d go with a green man vibe. It’d be fun to redo this with lots of detail including flowers, moths, and feathers. Maybe I’ll paint my own seasonal green man masks one day.

I’ve really enjoyed inktober and seeing everyone’s sketches. It’s motivated me to sketch and paint and helped me see where the time in the day is available for me to create. I’m gonna really try to keep the momentum and continue to produce more and more work. 

Happy Halloween everyone!

Inktober 2017 – Day 23: Juicy

inktober, pen

Here’s number 23. 

When I hear juicy I think of fruit, so here’s an orange segment. It’s looking a little psychedelic which is fine by me. You’d think I’d be bored of these colours by now.

I’ve been working a lot with watercolours (outside of Inktober) this month, and then going over the top with pen. I like it as a style but I definitely end up cutting corners with the watercolour, like not adding the depth or vibrancy or texture that I know I could.

Inktober 2017 – Day 19: Cloud

inktober, pen

I’m exhaustesd. Work this week has wiped me out. The prompt today was cloud. I started by drawing a cloud, but it ended up looking more like a rock, so we’re gonna roll with it. 

My new copic marker arrived, but now the hydrangea blue pen is running out. It’s a tough life as a marker.

Inktober 2017 – Day 14: Fierce 

inktober, pen

Considering how long I spent on this, it’s not the best entry. 

I was trying to do a “fierce” puppy, but it’s much too dark. I wanted to still use colour today, but since I don’t have my lightest shade of purple (it ran out) I only had the midtone and the veeery dark. I also was very lazy when doing the initial sketch. I guess that happens after a 6 day working week. Oh well, it’s an entry anyway! Does anyone else find dogs much harder to sketch than other animals like cats?

Inktober 2017 – Day 12: Shattered

inktober, pen

I found time to get this done just before work. I’ve interpreted ‘shattered’ as ‘really really tired’. Can it also be used this way elsewhere?

I’m very sad to say my iridescent mauve copic marker is running out. Is that normal? I started using it for Inktober so it’s been 12 days. I guess I have used it a lot though. Unfortunately there are no shops nearby that do them so I might have to go on a mission this weekend. 

Anyway, off to the salt mines.

Inktober 2017: Day 6 – Sword

inktober, pen

Today was the first day I actually tried blending the copic markers. For a first go I’m fairly pleased, although it sure makes you notice the difference between blending paper and regular sketchbook paper.

Given that I’m doing a nature theme I, of course, chose a swordfish. I did it on the train to work and then the train to London, so it’s a little shaky. I probably should have waited to finish it when I stopped moving but I was impatient to get it up!

Inktober 2017 – Day 2: Divided


Here’s day 2!

I’m not as pleased with this compared to day 1, but that’s what this challenge is all about improving and just moving forward regardless of anything.

This morning I was walking my puppy, and I saw a tree trunk with very clear contrast between where the light was hitting it and the shadows. Since I’m focusing on a nature theme this Inktober (based on the prompt words)  I decided to interpret divided as the distinction between the light and the dark areas. (Also yes, I totally misjudged the ink bleeding when labelling the pages.)

 See you tomorrow!