Inktober 2021 – Day 23

Challenges, Digital, inktober

A few years ago, I started playing around with my teal copic markers and made some absinthe spoon designs. We’re going to Paris for my birthday next month (Covid permitting) so I’m getting in the Parisian spirit (pun intended) and reattempting the design.

IpadArtChallenge Day 23

Challenges, Digital

In 2020 I realised I am way more of a perfectionist than I thought I was. The solution to that is to churn out as many happy digital birds as possible.

Day 21: A Playful Puffin.

I’m posting them over on my Instagram first (@artjmtinsta) so you can follow along there.

Inktober 2017 – Day 23: Juicy

inktober, pen

Here’s number 23. 

When I hear juicy I think of fruit, so here’s an orange segment. It’s looking a little psychedelic which is fine by me. You’d think I’d be bored of these colours by now.

I’ve been working a lot with watercolours (outside of Inktober) this month, and then going over the top with pen. I like it as a style but I definitely end up cutting corners with the watercolour, like not adding the depth or vibrancy or texture that I know I could.