Snow! Josh and Bike #2

Acrylic, Chatty, Painting, Step-by-Step

Hi all,

I planned to update earlier in the week but the snow threw all plans out the window!

I feel like I’ve been working, or thinking about work for the last 72 hours straight. Day 6 tomorrow but I’m feeling good! I won’t go into details, but we’ve done so well recently, and I’m proud of my team and of myself. It’s exciting and rewarding to think of our potential. Definitely worth the mission of getting into work.

Here’s a picture of Molly-Moo looking like a wild thing in the snow:

She loved it! Although she wasn’t such a fan of the ice-ball snow boots that formed around her legs. Josh is also generally less anxious in the snow. My theory is he had a good experience back before he was rescued so has nice associations. (That’s pure speculation by the way.)

Back in this post I showed the start of a painting. I’ve worked on it for a couple of hours more.

The biggest difference is that I’ve added some highlights to the grass, tweaked the scale of the bike, added some detail to the leaves and basket in the background and slightly changed the proportions of a couple of things.

Things I’ll continue to work on:

  1. I want to block out Josh’s toggle on his collar. It’s accurate, but kind of manky in real life.
  2. I need to add some shadow to the background.
  3. I’m really keen to find a super fine paintbrush and add lots of little details, especially to Josh’s fur!

Hope you’ve all been able to enjoy the snow and not been too disrupted by it.

Pen landscapes


Hello all,

I’m currently curled up knowing I really should sleep, but enjoying the fact that I don’t have any work or need to get up in the morning.

I don’t have very much to report artwise, but I do have a couple of landscape/nature scenes. They’re simple sketches, but I wanted to practise being a bit more adventurous with mark making.

I’d like to find a way to create smooth or misty surfaces with pen. I suppose smaller strokes would work a little better, but I’ve not been successful so far (at least not with simple little sketches).

I’d like to use my annual leave day tomorrow doing a little painting. I’ve also got some photos I’d love to share, once I sorted through them.

Hope you’re all having a lovely December!

Inktober 2017 – Day 10: Gigantic

inktober, pen

I really wasn’t sure whether to upload this one or not. I like it, but I feel like I could do better. I might try another sketch later just for fun and see which I prefer.

The trees are ‘gigantic’ compared to the house. I wanted to suggest that there was light and warmth from the house. I’m not sure if the trees are welcoming and looking after the house, or whether they’re ominous!

Watercolour Norway Scene

Painting, watercolour

I’m in this lovely position of having started so many projects, that I have more art work than posts. So, I thought I’d update on here with what I worked on yesterday after work.


I had no white acrylic, and no linseed oil, so it was a turn for watercolours. They’re so difficult! How on Earth do you not make a colourful blob? This is not the final piece by any means, I’m just trying to get a sense of how to use them. They are so freeing, and I love the effect, but I think I need to work on layering the colour. Especially on shaded areas.

The original image is of a photo I took while in Norway. I went with a friend ona boat to the most northern parts of Norway back in March and it was an amazing experience. So, so beautiful. Here’s the original photo:


I’ve felt so motivated yesterday. I want to paint all the time, but I’m also impatient to be better. There’s a verseĀ in a Kate Bush song sums it up (also no surprises that I’m using Kate Bush as a reference):

I want to be a lawyer
I want to be a scholar
But I really can’t be bothered
Ooh, just gimme it quick, gimme it, gimme gimme gimme gimme!

Anyway, time to start the day.