New Year Resolutions


Hello, hello and welcome 2019!

This is the first year in a few where I haven’t made a new year’s resolution that’s directly art-related. For the last two years I’ve had the goal to be creating more and upskilling myself. You know what? I really do feel like I’ve achieved it. For the first time since I left school (when I was doing art every single day for a solid few hours) I feel like I can create work to the same standard as I could then. That’s not to say that I never make mistakes, but I no longer feel like I’m playing catch up with my former self.

To celebrate, I think I can graduate to the next level of creative new year resolutions. This year, my aim is to start selling art/creative pieces. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not to make any money. It’s to have a new kind of pressure and accountability to keep the creative fire flaming that’s a bit more tangible than just upskilling myself.

The other, much better, reason is that I can do it with my friend! She makes fabulous embroidery, and since I’ve recently moved back to London we can actually spent much more time together, which bring profound joy. We had an art afternoon before Christmas and it was one of the most lovely days I’ve had in ages.

I’ll of course be recording our progress, but we’ll still be figuring out how to make the logistics of it work. I’ll update you all with new projects soon. In the meantime, let me know of any creative resolutions you’ve made.

Happy New Year!

New Year Adventures


Hi all,

In this post I mentioned that I’d been on a recent ADVENTURE (read: princess holiday) with my boyfriend and his family.

We went to Hong Kong (and flew on Christmas Day, no less) and we were there for New Years Eve.


Then we flew to Sydney for a wedding. It was BEAUTIFUL and we got so lucky with the weather! Warm but still cool enough to do some serious touristing.


Our final stop was in Bangkok, this time just my boyfriend and myself. We were only there for a couple of days but it was a great taster. You’ll notice that we have a real thing about visiting Aquariums. The one in Sydney had two Dugongs, Pig and Wuru!


The whole trip was just the best thing ever. I always love travelling, but I’ve never seen much outside of Europe. Each year I’ve been trying to visit new places, especially in terms of different climates. Who knows what the rest of this year will bring?

Has anyone else visited anywhere exciting? I’d love to hear all about it!