Inktober 2021 – Day 20

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Another redesign of a previous Inktober from 2019. The prompt word was “Enchanted”.

I would have loved to have added more and more detail but, as we know, part of doing a daily challenge is to embrace the imperfections and the simpler designs.

Inktober 2018 – Day One: Poisonous


Hi all!

Work has taken over my life. It’s temporary, I hope, but it means I haven’t really had time for anything between work and getting the flat ready to be lived in.

HOWEVER, it’s Inktober! Let’s focus on that. This year I’m working with the official prompt list:

I’ll run out of sketchbook space, haven’t chosen colours this year and have no idea when I’ll get each sketch done but hey, let’s try our best.

Day one – poisonous:

I’ll try to catch up with everyone else’s posts too.