Inktober 2021 – Day 24

Challenges, Digital, inktober

Recently, I’ve been craving a cherry Bakewell. We did have our first mince pie this week (it’s definitely not too early) but i think it’s the icing of a Bakewell that’s really the thing I’m craving.

IpadArtChallenge Day 24

Challenges, Digital

In 2020 I realised I am way more of a perfectionist than I thought I was. The solution to that is to churn out as many happy digital birds as possible.

Day 21: An Ostentatious Owl.

I’m posting them over on my Instagram first (@artjmtinsta) so you can follow along there.

Inktober 2017 – Day 24: Blind

inktober, pen

Today’s entry is a quick sketch done on my lunch break.

This is Josh our rescuem initiallyI couldn’t think of anything form”blind”, but realised all weekend I’ve had a perfect example with an overgrown fringe.

Inktober has helped me feel more comfortable doing art in public, although I do still sometimes feel a little on show. 

I’m having a good day so far. It’s been productive and I’m finishing a little earlier than usual (and hopefully I’ll miss rush hour traffic). Fingers crossed that the second half of the day is also productive.