Inktober 2019 – Day 17: Ornament

inktober, pen

I had a bit more time today and wanted to spend a bit longer on my Inktober.

This little guy is an ornament from Estonia. We went to Tallin last year and also got his wife at a Christmas market.

I haven’t quite mastered how to use the white pen to add detail (or maybe I’m using the wrong sort?) so it’s a little bit darker than I’d like. Generally though I’m happy with the proportions, which is something I’m really trying to get better at early on in a sketch.

Inktober 2017 – Day 17: Graceful

inktober, pen

Here were go!

I actually started the gazelle this morning but didn’t finish it. That’s why it was a bit rushed by the end. 

I’m sorry that I haven’t replied to some of the lovely comments I’ve had over the last couple of days, and the replies to my comments. I know that’s not the purpose of Inktober, but I’ve really been enjoying following everyone else’s posts and I want to support all the other artists taking on the challenge! Work just got a bit mad recently, so I’ve got some catching up with the WordPress cheerleading to do. Hope everyone else hasn’t had the Inktober fatigue yet!