Watercolour Postcards


Happy bank holiday! We FINALLY have some sunshine here in the UK. Compared to last year the weather has been awful, but this weekend has been glorious.

Over the next few months I also have my first few craft fairs of the year. They’re some of my favourite things to do and I’m so glad to have a few lined up. First up is my local craft fair in St Peters, Sudbury.

As well as some digital prints, I’m adding a few one-off postcard sized watercolour pieces. Here are a couple of work in progress videos sped up.

Penguin Mother and Baby Watercolour 
Fox Watercolour Painting

So far I have a baby fox, a mother and baby penguin and an underwater jelly fish scene. I’m planning to do a few local landscape paintings – keeping the nature and animal theme!

Unfortunately the videos aren’t embedding for me and I cannot work out why. But if you click through you can see the work in progress for both.

Which do you prefer, penguin or fox?

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