Goldfinch and Robin Commission

pen, watercolour

I’ve recently had a couple of watercolour commissions. One was a gift, the Robin, and then the lady liked it so much that she requested a matching goldfinch.

I’ve been enjoying doing digital prints, but there is something so satisfying about every mark being visible and the intentionality of it.

I started with the pencil sketch, went over with pen, added the watercolour and then went over with the final details.

I think I’m happiest with the goldfinch, but I know the Robin meant a lot to the lady who was gifted it. Her late father’s favourite bird was a Robin, so she got it in memory of him.

It was honestly so lovely to create something specifically for one person. I always assumed that I would prefer to create my own art with no restrictions, but I’m starting to think that commissions are one of my favourite things!

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