Watercolour and Pen Suffolk Garden #2

pen, Step-by-Step, watercolour

funn scene in frame

In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to create a series of my mum’s garden. I’ve followed the same steps but tried to spend even more time at the sketch stage. I’ve really enjoyed trying to challenge myself with different perspectives. I have my old art teacher’s voice in my head telling me to draw what I see not what I think I see.

garden scene pencil

I think this one is my favourite of the 3 I’ve created so far. I like that it’s compact and has separate areas of interest.

bench scene watercolour

My brother’s girlfriend suggested the flowers in the window and she was totally right. Creating the brick work was also surprisingly fun, I was quite nervous about creating a white brick effect and not relying on the white of the paper.

bench scene unframed

Creating these pieces has been such a great exercise for me. I’ve found it helpful to just sit and draw what’s in front of me (with some creative license with the colours). A lot of people I know have turned to old hobbies in search of a creative outlet. I suppose that’s not surprisingly all things considered.

bench scene frame

This is my partner’s favourite of the 3. It’ll be interesting to hear everyone else’s thoughts when all three are uploaded.

You can see the Etsy listing here.


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