Josh and Bike #4

Acrylic, Painting, Step-by-Step

Guess who left their keys at work? That would indeed be me.

I have a half day, I’m due to finish early, and yet here I am sitting in a Pret waiting to meet my friend and praying that my partner will check his phone so that I can collect keys from him. The thing that annoys me most is feeling like I’m wasting my time. But there’s nothing I can do, so I’m trying to be “in the moment” and enjoy people watching.

I recently FINALLY finished this piece that I’ve been working on for ages. Josh was a rescue dog but the lovely man who rescued him could no longer look after him due to health reasons. He still visits Josh from time to time, which is always lovely. This is for that man as a Christmas present.

The main thing I was working on was detail in the background and just knowing when to leave it. I overworked the dog a bit and I think he began to lose his expression. There’s more I feel like I could add but I think I’d be going overboard at this stage.

You can see the previous post about this piece here.

4 thoughts on “Josh and Bike #4

  1. It looks brilliant! I love the basket and the bike and that plant in the top left corner. Great details! I think maybe more details in the background than the foreground? Like that plant and shed seem to have more details than the grass upfront. Overall it looks great. Awesome job!


    1. Yeah I would definitely agree with that! I think I need to figure out how to add detail to large chunks of area that’s quite similar, so things like leaves, grass, clouds etc. Thank you!

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  2. I think you’ve put so much into the bike that it becomes the subject of the painting. The dog’s fine, but it is competing with the detail of the bike and losing – put your hand over the back of the bike and look. Perhaps there are two paintings here – and just check out that front wheel again.


    1. I agree, usually I’d spend longer on the front wheel but just really wanted to actually finish it! Josh does look a bit of a monster in front. It’d be interesting to do it again one day and compare.


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