Je Suis La Roller Girl

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Although I don’t usually include text in my prints, I couldn’t resist a nod to Anna Karina.

Inspired by the 1967 film Roller Girl, the lyrics read:
“La décalcomanie girl
Le danger immédiat
Je suis la roller girl”

Which translates to:
“The girl decal*
The immediate danger
I am the roller girl”

*The full original word is decalcomania, which is “the art or process of transferring pictures and designs from specially prepared paper (as to glass)”.

The text surrounds a digital design of some pink roller skates with green wheels and laces.

Prints now available over on my Etsy with the first prints arriving this week.

P.S: Whenever I order new print designs for the first time, I get really, really, unreasonably, excited. One day I’ll have my own printer (that prints sufficiently high quality) and will get that buzz every time.

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