Bearded Collie Puzzle Present


I realised I haven’t posted this yet – the finished design of dad’s Family Fur Tree puzzle Christmas present (minus a few extra bits of striped wallpaper).

All the fur babies are included, featuring accessories from a fez to a crown. I think you can tell a lot about each dog from their fashion sense 🤔

We used Wentworth puzzles to get a custom printed wooden puzzle with dog-themed pieces.

I’m going to be honest here and say that we haven’t quite finished it. We’re very close, but turns out by trying to make a difficult jigsaw, well, I made a very difficult jigsaw! He did say he’d prefer a challenge though so, I guess I’ll take that as a good thing?

If you’d be interested in a custom design for your own gift, feel free to drop me a message 🥰

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