Social Media Reflection and Reminder – 30 % Off!

Chatty, Shop

This is your reminder that there’s still 30% off everything over on my Etsy.

That includes things like A5 prints which are currently going for as little as £3.50 with free UK delivery!

My favourite bird designs are probably the peacock, starling and eagle, though I’m tempted to include some of the other designs that are currently only available in card form.

It’s so easy to forget about the designs you already have. I think with social media there’s a lot of pressure to churn out new designs all the time.

When I first started blogging, I would take months to finish something, and often I’d only write one or two new posts a week. It’s a well-documented, tricky balance to get right.

I guess the key is not to compromise on the quality of new pieces, but also not be afraid to recycle older designs. That’s my view anyway.

What do you think? Do you post to a schedule? Or just when you’re inspired?

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