Digging Into the Archive


The other day I was talking to my friends about the horrors of seeing old Facebook memories from Ye Olden Days before we knew that things online lasted forever. I don’t know if you’ve ever looked back at old Facebook statuses from when you were 15, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

It got me thinking about the blog posts I do have online (and dare I say, advertise?) so I had a look back over them. Ya know some aren’t half-bad.

So, here I am, drawing attention to it.

I’ve added a whole page where you can look through my old posts (from as far back as 2016 😬). And yes, those image links ARE a throwback from early 2010s blogging.

While I was at it, I also added a lil gallery view of some recent (and my favourite) posts on the homepage.
I’ve been enjoying updating my site again. It’s SO easy to just post on Instagram and have at it, but I think the reason blogging has stuck with me is the sheer customisation that’s possible.

Have a looksee here.

Remember, there’s also 30% off everything over on my Etsy! Enough content to keep you entertained for hours.
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