Inktober 2021 – Day 1

Challenges, Digital, inktober

It’s here! Inktober 2021!

I’ve participated in Inktober every year since 2017, even if that’s meant just a quick sketch. If you’re not familiar with it, Inktober is a challenge to create 31 pieces of art, every day in October. I’ve always used pen and Copic markers, but this year I’m going to also use digital media.

I’m not using a prompt list this year, instead, I’m going to vaguely celebrate the Autumn/Winter season.

Since this is my 5th year participating, I’ve decided to recreate a pen I did back in 2018 (click here for the original). Quite a difference in a few years I think.

Here’s to another great year!

P.S I did post this yesterday on the 1st over on Instagram and facebook, but couldn’t forget about the OG platform!

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