Inktober 2020 – Day 18

Chatty, inktober, pen

Today was a difficult day. Maybe it’s because it was the first “free” day I’ve had in months, where there was no expectation to do anything in particular, or maybe it’s working that bit too much over the weekend. Whatever it was, it all felt a bit exhausting and overwhelming.

So, we took it easy. Stayed at home and did our local pub quiz. I think everyone just feels like they need a good holiday at the moment. It’s been a tough year (can I be the millionth person to say that?)

I’ve started worrying about the effect COVID will have on our wedding next year. I spent the first few months of lockdown assuming everything will be fine by next summer, but recently a few people have mentioned that they’re considering postponing. We’ve been engaged for 1.5 years already and the wedding is meant to be next August; I’m not sure I could wait any longer.

So, today’s Inktober is a quick sketch of an imaginary wedding door. Wouldn’t it be nice to just think about flowers and dresses and song?

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