Inktober 2020 – Day 16

Chatty, inktober, pen, watercolour

I’m cheating again with my inktober today, but I was too excited to share another Christmas card design. This is one that I’ll be selling as a pack of three tomorrow at Sudbury’s craft fair.

It’ll be my first craft fair and I’m so excited! Work has been so full-on so it’s been nice having something else to focus on. I think I’ve mentioned in a previous post, but the slot was very last minute so it was quite a rush to get everything together. Honestly my aim is just to have a good looking stall! Everything is packed up and I’m ready to get set up bright and early tomorrow.

Although I like the plant-themed Christmas cards, I think the 12 days of Beardie cards are the real stars. I’ll be sharing each design in November once Inktober is finished, but you can see a sneak peak in my Instagram (@artjmtinsta).

Wish me luck tomorrow and happy Friday all!

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