Watercolour Terracotta Pots

pen, Step-by-Step, watercolour

terracotta plat pot pen

A few weeks ago, we had particularly nice weather. Whenever possible, drawing from real life is great practice to understand proportion, light and create realistic colours. You learn so much more, but it does have its challenges.

teracotta plant pot

After I started this painting, the weather took a turn and I had a couple of weeks of not being able to paint outside (I find it really difficult to make the time during the week so the weather needed to be nice over the weekend). During that time the plant flourished! By the end I had to use some creative license, but it’s as close as I could make it.

terracotta plat pot drawing

Originally I wasn’t going to put in a background, but the whole thing wasn’t quite sitting right on the page so I added one in at the end. I still wonder if doing something more bold like a bring yellow flat colour would have looked better, but hey ho. Maybe I’ll edit it in Affinity and see.

terracotta plat pot layer 1

Building the colour takes such a long time, but I do love the effect. I’ve been trying to use the materials more confidently and I think I’m beginning to create a more ‘sculptured’ effect.

terracotta plat pot layer 2

I’ve been using watercolour for so many weeks now that I think I’ve almost forgotten how to use acrylic paints. It’ll be interesting to recreate a piece using acrylic and comparing the vibrancy, in particular,

terracotta plat pot layer 3

I wonder if it would have been better had I not added the pen. My friend said it looks like an old Miyazaki drawing which is a massive complement – something to aspire to for sure!

terracotta plat pot pen

The last thing to do is trim it. One of my favourite parts is the brick wall which was the last minute addition. I wanted it to look like the sun was just setting or rising with that nice warm glow.

I hope that everyone is keeping safe. I’ve been finding lockdown tricky the last few weeks, especially with so much uncertainty around the future. But all we can do is try out best and look after ourselves.

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