Inktober 2017: Day 5: Long

inktober, pen

I interpreted “long” as “tall” and used a reference photo to fit my nature theme.

I wanted to limit myself to just the time I had on the train, so didn’t add too much detail. I definitely prefer these entries when I have longer to spend on them!

Originally I tried using the copic markers on the other side of the page so that it would bleed through. It didn’t really work, but there is a faint lilac colour in the leaves that I added for a little extra detail.

2 thoughts on “Inktober 2017: Day 5: Long

  1. You have a very interesting blog full of lovely artwork! Love it! What media are your favorites to work in? I see you work in watercolor and acrylic / or oil painting. Thank you for sharing!
    I will follow you!
    Have a lovely weekend.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I had a look at your blog too, and I love it! Especially your post about making time teach day for art, that’s something I’m really trying to do. I love watercolour, acrylic and oil! At the moment, I’ve been enjoying acrylic the most but I think the changing seasons really affect what I like to work with, so we’ll see if it stays that way!


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