Election Night


It’s 00:36 and I’ve got a glass of white wine and am watching the UK election.

I always find it funny when there’s just hours of speculation, and then at the end it’s almost like there isn’t enough time to discuss the result fully.

I absolutely love election night. I love voting, I love chatting to the volunteers manning the polling station, I love staying up (a bit) late to watch the votes come in, and I love hearing “it’s just too early to tell” over and over again.

I know my usual posts are about art, and I’ve got a couple of things to update you on, but I thought I’d take a moment to just enjoy the democratic process. It’s like a way more exciting Eurovision. (Ok, not that much more exciting.)

Another thing I like about election night – I get to discuss UK politics with my friend from America who’s still up because of the different time zone. She studied a year abroad in London where we met, and she’s just a super person in every way. Election nights always feel oddly nostalgic for me, and catching up with her is such a joy. I remember our Student Union staying open to count the votes, and I remember my old housemate putting “Vote Green!” posters up in our window in Kilburn. I also remember feeling slightly concerned that we were going to get our window broken because of this.

Is anyone else still up and watching? Or do you prefer to find out in the morning? I wonder if I’ll still be as excited when I’m older and wiser.

Fingers crossed for a result that looks after everyone, that looks after the environment, and that provides security and unity for all. Wouldn’t that be nice.

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