Lack of motivation

Chatty, Drawing

I’ve been finding recently that I don’t have the same patience/attention span for art.
When I was younger I could work on something for HOURS and for days on end. I think a big difference is that as an adult there are always other things I feel I need to be getting done. I know the advice is “do what makes you happy, make time for it” etc. but I’m still working on convincing myself it is important to me. (By this I mean I know it’s important to me, but with work, and seeing my partner and making time for friends, it’s easy to think it’s not a priority.)

I’m working on finding a balance still. That is why I started posting on here after all. While I figure it all out here are some unfinished posts. I hate posting anything that I’m not sure I’ll finish, but to do so is definitely in keeping with the spirit of this blog.

And as a final attempt to remotivate mysrlf – here are those finished art deco gals:

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