Frog Friend


Just a very quick one today. 

Frog from a thank you card

I’ve got a little bit of free time so I wanted to try a quick sketch that didn’t take longer than 40 minutes. I know that still sounds like quite a long time to a lot of people, but I’m reasonably pleased.

Frog copy

It’s not a perfect sketch or anything but I feel like I can get proportions of features a little more accurate a lot more quickly. 

Miss Fisher

Drawing, Step-by-Step

I think I need to leave this one alone for now.

Miss Fisher drawing

I know I cut so many corners (the headdress…) and definitely got very lazy at times, like blending with the rubber – you KNOW it won’t work but you try anyway. I just started to feel a little demotivatsd and like I was just ruining it so I think I’ll leave it and try something new.

Trying to do the hair was so challenging, how can I can shading even darker if already using a heavy pencil?

Pencils and a little book are so easy to take on the go with you, but I think I need to try something else if I want to feel like I can keep myself motivated even when work days are long. Or maybe I should power through it and just try a different subject? I’m not sure, but I guess that’s why I started this in the first place so we’ll just have to see what happens.

Miss Fisher, the lizard queen.

Drawing, Step-by-Step

The title is a reference to the first attempt of this drawing that looked like a drug fuelled lizard woman.

Here’s the wonderful Essie Davis as Miss Fisher reference picture:

Miss Fisher

Progress so far is an improvement from the lizard lady version though I know there’s lots to work on, like the jaw and mouth and eyes and…well everything really. But hey, faces are hard so, all practise helps.

Miss Fisher drawing #1