Lockdown Birthdays


Today is my birthday.

It’s pretty strange spending your birthday is lockdown. We had plans to go away (sticking to the UK, no international travel) but obviously that couldn’t go ahead. Instead, I wore a new sequin suit, we ordered takeaway and we watched The West Wing.

Since the first lockdown we’ve been living in a small town (originally with my parents) and have changed almost everything in our lives. It’s funny how you can adapt so quickly, but this year has been really challenging. I’m not going to list all the negatives (who needs that right now?) so instead let’s focus on the things to be grateful for.

  • I’ve been able to spend so much time with family.
  • We’ve learnt a lot of new skills doing up the house.
  • I’ve been surrounded by open green spaces.
  • I’ve been able to do a lot more art than usual.

I don’t have any art to post, no major updates, just some night time reflection.

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