Inktober 2020? Is that still happening?


I was so ready for Inktober this year but there seems to be so much drama around it I guess it’s not going to have the same impact this year.

I haven’t found an official prompt list and I’m not sure that I’d want to use it if I did.

I’m still planning on doing Inktober this year – it’s such a good opportunity to hold yourself accountable to do art more regularly – but I need another prompt.

So here’s my question. What should I do?

Rather than come up with a new word for each day, I want to practice drawing one thing every day. I’ve just finished the Beardie Christmas cards (post to follow soon, really excited for them to arrive!) so I want a change from dogs.

I also considered Minnie Small’s houses and doing something similar, but work is pretty intense at the moment so I’m not sure I could do something so detailed.

Very open to any suggestions! Would also love to hear what everyone else is planning to do.

4 thoughts on “Inktober 2020? Is that still happening?

  1. I’m ignoring the drama. It seems to mostly be about the merchandising/book which I’m not interested in anyway. I look forward to seeing what everyone does all year. I think using your own prompts is totally cool. A lot of people do it, and some people even make their own themed prompts.


    1. Agreed. Inktober is when I’m most active on WordPress and Instagram and I’m sure that’s true for other people too. Ignoring the drama sounds like a good idea to me.

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  2. In my opinion, any wrong doing does not negate the benefits of the creative challenge. I am planning an ABC with fruit. Repeating a subject can be very interesting. I read once “don’t carpet your rut”, meaning change one’s habits, the idea being to see how many different ways one could do the same subject. I did five apples in different mediums, seven times. Don’t know about 31 times with ink, but it must be possible, even just changing up composition, background….


    1. Yes I think you’re right. Inktober is a lot of fun and such a community has been built around it.

      Your idea sounds great, I’ll definitely follow along!


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