Birthday Elephant

Chatty, pen, Step-by-Step, watercolour

Hello all. Today is my birthday!

I’m currently in my lovely hotel room in Prague. We’ve done so much sightseeing, gallery and museum visitibg and have eaten all the wonderful food. I’ll post a few of my favourite photos and sketches from our time here when I get home. I was hoping I’d stay in better habits with sketching every day since Inktober, but I guess when you don’t hold yourself accountable it doesn’t happen. I’ve worked on a few bigger pieces which is where this post comes in!

At the end of last month it was my friend’s birthday. She loves elephants and I wanted to make her something that seemed “her”ish (colourful, fun etc.) Below are some progress pictures of the piece.

I started with a watercolour wash after lightly penciling a design. Then I went over with some different coloured fine liners. These were Scribbles (I think?) just a cheap set from The Works but they did the job.

I’m not super happy with some of the background detail, but it was fun to try a new effect and my friend liked it, so that’s the most important thing. I was inspired by a few people’s inktober cross hatching – seeing other people’s style really does help you reflect on your own. I tried to be a bit more creative with my own style too.

Here’s the final piece. I enjoyed the coloured pen/watercolour combo. When I get more colours I’d like to do the same with copic markers too.

Thanks for sticking around even when I post less frequently. I’m looking forward to catching up on other people’s posts too.


pen, Step-by-Step, watercolour

I’ve had a couple of days of not posting since Inktober, but I’ve continued to draw and paint in the meantime.

Here’s something I worked on a couple of weeks ago.

This is Pogy. He’s a Neardie rescue (meaning he’s sort of like a bearded collie, maybe?) Pogy is super friendly and loves cuddles. He once jumped out a secon d story window and now has a metal part in his leg, but he’s made a full recovery. My dad calls him Seargant Major Pogy because he’s got such a straight back like a meerkat.

He posed beaitfully for me to do a water colour base, and later I added some detail in pen over the top.

Ideally I’d be able to complete the whole study with him as my model, or at  least a detailed photo, but that’s ok, it was useful practice. Next time I’d like to have another go with different coloured pens.

I hope you’re all enjoying the changing season and chilly air!